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Best 30 Wedding Color Combinations and Themes



wedding aisle

Choosing a wedding colour combination or theme can quickly go from fun to a nightmare. One thing a bride doesn’t need closer to her wedding is to stress over what colours she’d love for her big day. We’ve taken up the challenge of finding some of the most beautiful, modern wedding colour combinations out there. Now, you can choose from our research of over 30 wedding colour combinations for your big day.


Let get right to it!

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Unique combination of purple, lilac and violet colours. You would think different shade of a colour won’t go together so well.

Champagne and Gold

Who would have though gold and ivory would make such a harmonious wedding colour combination!

blue and gold colour combination

Another great colour combo. Blue and light gold make for bright wedding colours.

black and white combination

Modern brides are rocking black colours on their wedding day. This classic combination of black and white colours is beautiful as it is classic.

green and gold colour combo

Look at that absolutely gorgeous picture. Green and gold just go together like yellow eba and okro.

shades of pink

Another beautiful combination of same colour in different shades. This beautiful wedding colour combination has baby pink, rose pink, pink and a touch of green.

brown champagne and green

How beautiful is this combination of brown, champagne and a touch of green. Perfect wedding colours for brides with a classic taste.

wedding colour

Yellow, gray, silver and white. How beautiful is this unusual colour combination?

purple, gold and white colour combination

Purple and gold remains a classic among brides. It’s not hard to see why.

brown and gold

You gotta love this beautiful combo of brown and Djon. Just rich.

wedding flower

Baby Pink, Purple, White and Gold. The extra touch of green marries it all together.

pink and oxblood

There’s just something about mixing and matching different shades of same colour (monotone). This rose pink and baby pink colour combination will make for a bright day.

wedding colour combo

Looking for more subtle wedding colours? Try this beautiful combo of ivory, chocolate brown and white.

wedding decor ideas

Looking to have bright colours without going over the top. Try using the classic combination of blue and white then tone it with a mix of beige/gray.

wedding decor

It’s been established that green and gold make for great wedding colours. You can take it a step further by mixing and matching different shades of green and gold.

wedding decor

Baby blue, deep blue and white. Such a simple yet harmonious colour combination.

wedding decor

You would think a one colour theme wouldn’t work. How’s this beautiful olive for one colour. You could combine yours with pink or darker green colours.

floral design

Gorgeous combination of light purple, peach and white. You could replace white with silver if you aren’t comfortable using white as a wedding colour.

decor for wedding

Pink, white, gold and green. You would think this colour combination would make for a riot but this picture proves otherwise.

wedding baloon

Peach, champagne and silver. How gorgeous is this colour combo?

wedding bouquet

Beautiful mix of deep red, rich peach, jasmine and green colours. Talk about a unique wedding colour combo!

white and gold

Gold and white is another classic wedding colour combination that just works!

baby blue and white

How comforting is this mix of baby pink and off-white? Makes you go awwwww.

pink wedding decor

Rose pink, baby pink, blush and gold. The great thing about this mix is that you can choose which shades you want to combine.

wedding colour

Silver, grey and banana colours. Bet you didn’t know banana colour existed? Look it up!

wedding plate decor

What’s not to love about this cool combination of green and silver?

Flower Colours

You just gotta love this jazzy colour combination of pink, lime and green!

oxblood and gold

If you’re more about mature colours, you might love this rich combination of oxblood and gold.

Red green white

Red, green and white; another classic colour combination that just works.

trad colours

Red and gold always make for great African traditional wedding colours. You can take that to the bank!

Wedding colours

We wrap it all up with this one colour theme to prove once again that you can ave just one great colour on your wedding day. Mustard colour is a great choice as pictured here.

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