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Bridal Makeup Tutorial / Real Bride – The Power of Makeup | Amazing Makeup Transformation

Bridal Makeup Tutorial video presenting by The Girlz Korner. in this video we are presenting makeup transformation of a acid survived girl. The Platinum Beauty Lounge trying to make them Happy. EVERY week, somewhere in Bangladesh, a woman’s life is changed forever when she is doused with acid and disfigured. Women are also regularly attacked in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. The western world isn’t immune either.

The motivations vary but most are very simple: a man’s reputation has been damaged. Maybe his sexual advances were rejected. Maybe he was cheated on. Whatever the reason, the punishment does not fit the crime.

Victims suffer horrific physical injuries. Not only does their skin burn, but often they are severely disfigured. Acid causes the skin tissue to melt, it attacks the eyes, it dissolves the bones. In certain cases, ears and noses are lost completely.Women also suffer the stigma attached to deformity, one that can be especially crippling in a place where finding a husband can mean the difference between poverty and security.

In Asia, where doctors treat acid burn victims daily, the fight to empower survivors continues. With each victim who speaks out, they also empower themselves. But they need help.

The Platinum Beauty Lounge try to do something new for them.


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