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Day 26 Quotes, Images, Jummah Mubarak Prayers|Lifestyle


Ramadan fasting has reached day 26 today, Friday, and, here are some Ramadan and Jummah Mubarak quotes, images, prayers, and messages compiled for you and your loved ones.

Remember, today is the last Friday of this holy month, prayers made during this sacred day are always granted. Seize this opportunity to remind Allah that you don’t wish to come back next year with this year prayer points.

Ramadan Quotes

Our Lord- we fear that he may oppress us or deal with us mischievously.


Wake your family up for Ibadah (worshipping of Allah). The rest 5 days of Ramadan should be your best 5 days.


Jummah Quotes

Thank you, Allah, for this blessed Friday. Jumma Mubarak best Jummah Mubarak message O You who believe! when the call is proclaimed for Jummah (Friday Prayer), come fast to the remembrance of Allah. – Quran 62:9


Come to Masjid early for the Jumma (Friday) prayer and earn bonus reward of as much as offering a camel. – Sahih Al Bukhari 929.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “Friday is the balance of the week, Ramadan is the balance of the year and Hajj is the balance of the life. – imam ibn Al-Qayyim ”

Ramadan 2020: Ramadan Dua (Prayers) and Dhikr


Keep your tongue moist with this prayer throughout the last ten days of Ramadan:

”Allahumo Inakah hafuwun Kareemu tuhibu L-hafuwa Fahafu hani.”


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Jummah Prayers and Messages for your loved ones


  • Oh our Lord, bestow wisdom on us and join us with the righteous ones. Grant us an honourable mention in later generations. Place us among the inheritors of the Garden of Delight.
  • Do not put us to shame on the Day of Ressurection when all shall be raised from the dead.
  • Ya Allah, we only obey you as your subjects and we only request help from you. Head us to the right path. Lead us to the path of those who you provided with blessings and not the path of those who have been punished and those who have steered away.


  1. The most sacred day with countless blessing and mercies of Allah. May this jummah lighten your life with teachings of Islam and protect you from calamity have a blessed Friday.
  2. The strength of Eeman, stay in your heart and may Allah shower his countless blessings on you and your family on this holy day Jummah Mubarak.
  3. Allah (SWT) knows what your silent heart wants, even if you don’t include it in your prayers. He hears what your heart whispers. He may not give it to you now but someday, when you least expect it, things will happen in the best possible way. Jummah Mubarak my beloved brother/sister.
  4. Pray to Allah (SWT) sincerely believing it will be answered. Allah (SWT) does not respond to prayers from a frivolous and indifferent heart. Happy Friday.
  5. Eat together and not separately, for the blessings is associated with the company.
    (Ibn Majah). Jumah’at Mubarak.
  6. If you will carry on the ways guided by human, you will find a hopeless end. But if you will carry on d way guided by Allah, you will find an endless hope. Jumu’ah Mubarak.
  7. Allah will not be tired of giving you the best. May the best of every good thing in life comes your way… Jumaatun Ramah
  8. A paradise is a place where all true believers aspire to have as a final abode. May Allah (SWT) make it a final home for us & our entire good friends and family members. Jumaah Kareem.
  9. Salaam alaikum. Leave everything of your affairs for Allah, but never leave Allah for anything. Jumaah Kareem.
  10. In life, everything will one day leave you but Allah will always be there for you. Jumaah Mubarak.
  11. A day of Allah’s favour is greater than a thousand years of human labour, may you find Allah’s favour beyond your expectations and imagination, today, and the rest of your life. Ameen. Jumaat Kareem.


Verily Allah and his angels make supplications for Muhammad, O you who believe supplicates upon Him for peace and tranquillity.


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Day 26 Quotes, Images, Jummah Mubarak Prayers|Lifestyle


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