I Can Marry For Money, It Is The Foundation That Holds A Marriage

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Fast-rising Nollywood actress Charity Nnaji during an interview with Sunday Scoop shares her thoughts about marriage, age and sex. The actress who said during the interview that she can marry for money because marrying a rich man would help guarantee happiness in a union. Charity Nnaji

Charity Nnaji further said money is the foundation upon which a marriage is built on. The actress who noted that life is too short to stay in a frustrating marriage that as much as she might want to marry for money and probably would sexual satisfaction of high priority to her.

In her interview, Charity Nnaji said, “I can marry because of money. If one doesn’t love a man but marries him because of his money, one would later fall in love with him. But when one loves a man who does not have money, the love would later fade. I don’t care how strong the bond is, once the woman is the one footing the bills, she may start getting angry. Money is like a solid foundation that holds marriage. An average Nigerian woman who is married to a jobless man would most likely cheat. Love is not enough as far as marriage is concerned. A young woman would only marry an old man if money is involved. If one marries a rich man, one would love him naturally without stress. I have seen a very lovely relationship that crashed because of lack of money. Money is like a spice that garnishes relationships. Charity Nnaji
“With my past experience in marriage, anyone I would consider would have to be rich. I don’t plan to burden him with my children’s responsibilities but I cannot marry a man that I earn more than because he would feel threatened. I am not ready to settle for less. If one is married to a rich man, wisdom demands that one should save for the rainy days. If a rich man later goes broke, the survival of the marriage would depend on how the man treated the woman when he had money. If he treated one well, then one could endure with him. But, if he treated one unfairly, one would leave him even before the money (totally) vanishes.”
Charity Nnaji And Mompha
Charity Nnaji, however, noted that she would not want to marry an ‘old’ man. “I don’t fantasise about old men. I see them as people that had enjoyed themselves in the past and only want to take advantage of me. Life is too short to stay in a frustrating marriage. What is the point of having money in marriage when I am not satisfied sexually? It would eventually lead to cheating, which is not good for a married woman,” she said.

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