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Nigeria Notified Of Impending Visa Ban Since March – US


Donald Trumps (Image courtesy AFP / Brendan SMIALOWSKI)

The government of the United States says it notified all foreign governments of a change in its performance metrics for identity-management and information sharing criteria on March 11, 2020.

In a proclamation published on the White House website, the US named Nigeria and the five other affected countries were among the worst-performing in the world.

It, however, said there are prospects for near-term improvements for the six countries.

“The process began on March 11, 2020, when the United States government formally notified all foreign governments (except for Iran, Syria, and North Korea) about the refined performance metrics for the identity-management and information-sharing criteria,” the proclamation read.

“DHS identified the worst-performing countries for further interagency review and for an assessment of the potential impact of visa restrictions.

“In addition, the United States government, led by the department of state, continued or increased engagements with many countries about those countries’ deficiencies.

“A number of foreign governments sent senior officials to Washington, D.C., to discuss those issues, explore potential solutions, and convey views about obstacles to improving performance.


Nigeria Notified Of Impending Visa Ban Since March – US

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