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See Full Profiles Of \’Pepper Dem\’ Housemates |Nigeria News


The Big Brother Naija 2020 has kicked off with excitement and drama gradually building up.

Concise News has put together profiles of the 21 housemates competing for honours in this season’s BBNaija themed ‘Pepper dem’.




Thelma BBNaija 2020 housemate

The 26-year-old Thelma Ibemere lives her life by one simple motto: “Only hang out with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you”. Although this vivacious Hair and Beauty practitioner is currently in a relationship, she believes nothing could have kept her away from her destiny – being in the Big Brother Naija House.

When she is not running her hair business, Thelma finds time to dance, travel and read. Her favourite book of all time? ‘Talent Is Not Enough’ by James C Maxwell. If Thelma had a million dollars in the bank, would she still be in the game? “Of course, I would! Because of the fame.

She says: “The only thing that would make me quit is a wedding, or pregnancy.”



Avala BBNaija 2020 housemate

Saidat “Avala” Balogun is a single mum and budding singer whose being part of Big Brother Naija 2020 is part of pursuing her dreams and she also wants to inspire other young women.

She said the highest point of her life was when she gave birth to her daughter and her single-hood, ‘Give me a chance’. She studied music and business at York College in Queens, New York.

It is no wonder then that her top artistes include one of the city’s most famous exports Mary J Blidge. Like the Queen of Hip Hop, the Ogun State native has ambitions to spread her music all over the world.



Diane BBNaija 2020 housemate

Diane Yashim describes herself as an easy going girl whose favourite outfit is a shirt, trousers and sneakers. The model and aspiring cook is also a graduate of the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Studying and living there was an eye-opening experience she’ll forever be grateful for.

One of the highlights of her life was being chosen as a Big Brother Naija Season Four Housemate and she has said that nothing would make her quit the game. She adds that she likes to try new things and wants to see the whole experience through.

Diane is a person that hates lairs and loud talkers but refers to herself as an open-book that could be understood with ease.



Tacha BBNaija 2020 housemate

Tacha has always wanted to be on Big Brother Naija. It comes as no surprise then, that getting picked to be a Housemate this season is the highlight of her life.

This spunky 23-year-old Rivers State native lives her life like her favourite musician Cardi B does: “Do no harm but take no mess”. Talented at making strategic money moves, Tacha would pick her phone over sleep, any day.

Although losing her mum weighs heavily on her, the experience has taught Tacha she is as strong as an eagle, one of her favourite animals. However, she is a spontaneous, loud, interesting, lively and fun to be with person who hates gossip mongers with a passion.



Seyi BBNaija 2020 housemate

Oluwaseyi Awolowo has had many highs and lows in his three decades of existence. The bubbly entrepreneur once tried to commit suicide but has since risen above that dark period of his teenage years and has turned his life around.

He is committed to his journey of self-acceptance, his girlfriend and his beliefs. He demonstrates the latter with a “Jesus’’ tattoo across his arm. Seeing his own face on a billboard for the first time is one of the highest moments of his life so far.

However, seyi had promise to stand out from other housemates but fake people and those who lack originality irritate him.



Frodd BBNaija 2020 housemate

Chemeka Frodd Okoye is a soft-spoken Investment Adviser and Sales Executive from Anambra State. The 28-year-old young man believes family is everything and that is why he lists paying for his mother’s surgery bill as one of the proudest moments of his life.

He says nothing can make him quit Big Brother and even if he had a million dollars, he would still participate in the game because “the experience can never be bought.” However, he hates pride, fake people and bullies.



Tuoyo BBNaija 2020 housemate

Psychotherapist, fitness coach and “part time stripper” Tuoyo loves working out, reading books, watching movies, listening to his favourite musicians Davido and J Cole and cuddling (even though he is single).

Although life has been good to this energetic 23-year-old, not being shortlisted after important Navy and Air Force entrance examinations left him staring at an uncertain future.

Luckily, a shot at fame and fortune in this season’s Big Brother Naija has given him another shot at making his dreams come true. He is also an entertainer, solution provider, good listener and a likable person.



Omashola BBNaija 2020 housemate

Model and entrepreneur Omashola is originally from Delta State but now calls Lagos home. He loves playing basketball, cooking and “being in the water, even though I can’t swim”.

Putting his life’s motto “If you want it, go get it, don’t just sit down.” Omashola said he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.

But the worst happened as she turned him down! Now single and focused on building his brand, Omashola comes into the Big Brother Naija House ready to make his dreams come true.



Gedoni BBNaija 2020 housemate

Ekpata Gedoni is a fashion entrepreneur who likes to keep it simple with a dash of sophistication. The 31-year-old Cross Riverian enjoys basketball, football, taking walks and cleaning the house! His other talents include writing poetry and drawing portraits with pencil.

He is easy going, interesting and has genuine and charming personality but hates physical  and mental laziness.



Esther BBNaija 2020 housemate

Esther Olaoluwa Agunbiade is proud of her beauty and brain. The 22-year-old Lagos-based lawyer was called to the bar at just 21. She’s also very athletic and loves to show off her figure.

Her favourite outfit? A white off the shoulder, bodycon, short dress. “Who says a girl can’t embrace all aspects of who she is?” she questions.



Jeff BBNaija 2020 housemate

Jeff is a 30-year-old banker from Anambra who believes in taking things one day at a time.
When it is time to let loose, Jeff listens to Drake’s ‘Take Care’ and Burna Boy’s ‘Rock Your Body’.

His go-to meals are beans, yam, amala, ewedu and gbegiri. Jeff also enjoys swimming and dunking a few on the basketball court. Presently residing in Jos, Jeff is witty, friendly, kind-hearted and has an endearing mindset.



Khafi BBNaija 2020 housemate

Khafi Kareem is a police officer who believes you can have it all if you believe in yourself. She is not only hoping to win the prize money but she wants the exposure that being in Big Brother Naija House brings so that she can do societal good.

What people don’t know about her is that she is secretly talented in spoken word, singing and dancing. She is an Ekiti native who resides in London. She hates it when they try to control her or suppress her from expressing herself freely.



Mike BBNaija 2020 housemate

Mike Edwards is a husband, CEO and athlete who doesn’t know how to quit. The highest point in his life was the day he got married to the love of his life. Mike owns the first Black-owned cigar line in the United Kingdom and he’s also a professional athlete.

The lowest point in his life was when he was banned from representing Nigeria at the 2020 Commonwealth Games. He’d still come to the Big Brother Naija House even if he had a million dollars because he never backs down from a challenge.

He describes himself as a positive person that loves to keep real personality but irritated by negativity.



Ella BBNaija 2020 housemate

Victoria “Ella” Nnabuchi is no stranger to the limelight. She was a runner-up in a popular music talent search show and she is also a television presenter, voice-over artiste, actress and model.

She enjoys dancing, singing, reading, writing, travelling and poetry. The industry preaches that one should fake it until they make it. Not Ella, she says it is better to “faith it, until you make It.”

She describes herself as a very interesting and unique person who hates liars.



Nelson BBNaija 2020 housemate

Nelson Allison, Mr. Universe Nigeria 2020, is single and looking. When he is not consulting or modelling, he enjoys sketch drawing, working out, watching movies and cooking.

If he was a world leader, he would ensure that both the poor and the rich had equal opportunities. Nelson believes that it is not over until the fat lady sings.

Nelson describes himself as a creative, passionate, cheerful, warm-hearted and humorous person that hates dishonesty.



Isilomo BBNaija 2020 housemate

Isilomo Braimoh is single and ready to mingle. An HR manager at 27, Isilomo has an MA in Human Resource Management with professional certification. She winds down from her hectic job by engaging in sports, outdoor activities, food, music and travel.

A lover of all things music, her favourite songs are ‘Middle Child’ by J.Cole and ‘Daz How Star Do’ by Skiibii Dazz.

However, she hates it when in an argument or debate a person stops putting out opinion in a clear and concise manner. She also dislikes it when people are sluggish about things. Thirdly, she doesn’t like people who don’t take responsibility



Mercy BBNaija 2020 housemate

The 26-year-old Mercy Eke is a video vixen and businesswoman based in Lagos. She loves cooking, swimming, travelling and dancing. No matter the setbacks, Mercy always picks herself up and does her best. “I’m grateful for each and every day. Being alive today is already the highest point of my life,” she says.

When she is not dancing, singing or rapping, Mercy makes time to enjoy her favourite food: white rice and pepper soup. If she had a million dollars in her account, would she still be in the BB Naija game? “Yes, I would. I want the fame. The popularity is very important for my business”.



Kimoprah BBNaija 2020 housemate

The 23-year-old Chinonso Ibinabo Opara, popularly known as Kim-Oprah, is an ex-beauty queen and a television host. She definitely believes that she has what it takes to win BBNaija.

The African beauty achieved the impossible when she represented Nigeria at the 47th edition of the Miss Intercontinental World Beauty Pageant.

The bubbly television presenter believes nothing is impossible to achieve. Kim-Oprah is not just a pretty fellow. She owns a business and her favourite book is ‘Smart Money Woman’ by Arese Ugwu.



Ike BBNaija 2020 housemate

The 26-year-old Steve Ikechukwu Onyema is from Imo state, but bides his time between Houston, Texas, Maryland, and Lagos. He is loud and colourful and loves to entertain because “you only live once”.

When he lost his business in 2013, Ike had to move in with his girlfriend. Luckily, things are looking up for him now. In his downtime, you will find Ike eating steak and vegging out on the couch watching his favourite movie ‘No Country For Old Men’.

Not even a family loss would make him quit the game. And if he was rich, he would still do it for the experience. He said people who talk too much irritate him and he further said, “My funny personality and my looks will carry me through. I’ll definitely put on a show.”



Jackye BBNaija 2020 housemate

Jackye is a fierce hunter who led her software engineering team to winning a contract to build a Fintech app for one of the biggest companies in Africa.

The 23-year-old has only had one boyfriend her entire life and she relaxes by watching football, playing games and eating spaghetti – her favourite meal. Her life mantra is, “I never lose, either I win or I learn.”

Sir Dee


Sir Dee BBNaija 2020 housemate

Atteh Daniel Tioluwa (Sir Dee) is a banker and graphic designer from Kaduna State. He loves football, board games and movies. His favourite of all time? Any of the movies in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Sir Dee, who is in a relationship, believes in being “the best version of myself at all times”  and counts whistling as one of his secret talents. If he were an animal, this 27-year-old would be a lion. “I am kingly, dignified, but will not hesitate to defend those I love.”

As much as the prize money is important, winning is not Sir Dee’s ultimate aim. “The fact that I will be disconnected from everyone I know will have to form new relationships in an enclosed environment, is very exciting to me”.

However, he describes himself as “I am down to earth and very original. I have a great sense of humor and am super sarcastic, and playful. There will never be a dull moment in the house, with me around.”

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See Full Profiles Of \’Pepper Dem\’ Housemates |Nigeria News

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