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Top 15 Biggest Turn-Off For Women You Should Avoid As A Man|Lifestyle


Let Your Past Relationship and Ex be, don’t keep talking about them Source: Lovepanky

There are many ways women easily lose interest in men without them even noticing.

Here is a list of turn-offs a man should consider before embarking on the journey of approaching a woman for a relationship.

15 Biggest Turn-Off Tips For Woman

  1. Avoiding old-fashioned pick-up lines.
  2. Smell
  3. Out of vogue dressing.
  4. Talking without listening
  5. Level of composure.
  6. Talking too much about yourself
  7. Level of exposure.
  8. Failure to handle a relationship properly,
  9. Gross bodily functions
  10. Relationship inexperience
  11. Timing
  12. Lack of seriousness & sacrifice
  13. Lack of respects
  14. Honesty
  15. Laziness


  1. Avoid old-fashioned Pick-up Lines

how to woo a girl and win her. Top 10 turn off for girls. 

This is for some men who are trying to give there first shot to a woman. You should avoid outdated hook-up lines which totally turn-off the woman you approach. Some women do not like men who approach them with common hookup lines. There are some hookup lines you must be watchful of while trying to get her attention.

  • ‘Hi baby, you look familiar.’ Many women know it’s an old tricky line used by men to steal their attention.
  • ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not that pretty but damn look at you.’ It becomes annoying for some ladies to believe this while meeting for the first time.
  • ‘Hey! Princess, can I be your Romeo…’ This got some women mad because of the dishonest comparison.
  • ‘I am going to complain to Spotify about you not being this week hottest singles.’ This pickup Line is not wildly accepted by some women they feel flattered.
  • One of the most turn-offs hookup lines is saying, ‘Hey, I have money,’ it really get women angry, revealing what you are feeling like.

2. Bad Smell


This is another turn-off for women that some men fail to understand. Women believe that men who can’t take care of themselves may not be able to take care of them.

Bad odour is a big turn-off as women obviously avoid such men, believing that they are not capable of taking care of their body odour, bad breath, or armpit odour among other smells.

3. Out of Vogue Dressing


Every woman fantasizes men who are physically fit, mentally stable, and financially buoyant.

Several women find it offensive when the man they are courting is not attractive in dressing, neatness or styles.

Women prefer good-looking men to the ones that hardly take care of their look and who don’t dress invitingly. This has caused setbacks in many relationships.

The first thing that attracts any woman is the man’s appearance. They (women) easily become interested in your look before developing an interest in what you have to discuss.

4. Talking without Listening


Talking without listening is a problem. Women become easily pissed-off when she finds out that you consistently talk without listening to her own side of what you are discussing.

Many relationships are bleeding because of the issue of one-sided hearing.

5. Level of Exposure:


Many women tend to hang out and date men that are way exposed than they are.

The belief is that men that are far exposed are more accommodating and tolerant than the fewer ones who are not willing to grow.

6. Lack of Composure

Composure is another oxygen for a healthy relationship if you are willing to have a long term one. Remember to often maintain your calmness with your woman, this helps both parties to grow together.

7. Talking too much about yourself

Talking much about yourself implies that you are being too greedy or selfish. Whenever you talk to women often using the ‘I’ word, it mostly sends a negative signal to them.

8. Failure to handle Relationship properly


Women dislike being in a relationship with men that are not capable of handling the relationship. They take it as a waste of time.

9. Gross Bodily function

Don’t be too comfortable doing the bodily functions, women easily get turned off on a first date or in a new relationship, moments the man carelessly displays a gross bodily function like fatting, blowing of nose and other related actions when they are just knowing one another.

10. Relationship inexperience 


Many women prefer a ready-made relationship to a relationship that is built on ignorance. Studies have it that the level at which some women defy men with inexperience is higher often because they believe investing their time and resources in such an affair will be a loss.

11. Lack of Timing


Man pointing at his wristwatch. Credit: Google

Many men fail to learn the art of timing when they are on a date or they are about starting a new relationship, which serves as one of the major turn-offs.

12. Lack of Seriousness & Sacrifice


how to woo a girl and win her. Top 10 turn off for girls. Credit: Google Advanced Search

Most women desist from men who are perceived to be players, some of them easily spot men who play on their emotions and flee immediately.

Women are more desperate about men’s readiness before committing to a relationship and they pay more attention to see if they are not the ‘Play Boys’ type.

Sacrifice is another major factor women believe in.

13. Turn Off For Women Men should Avoid Lack of Respects


how to woo a girl and win her, lack of respect

It is important to note that every woman deserves and expects to be respected. Showing respect to women can easily earn a man any woman’s love.

14. Insincerity


how to woo a girl and win her. Top 10 turn off for girls. Credit: Google Advanced Search

The basic foundation of any relationship is sincerity. Every relationship needs fairness to survive. Therefore, immediately a woman finds out a man is lying to her, she could forever avoid him.

15. Laziness

When she finds out that you have no goals in life or you always give an excuse to avoid work, it’s a problem. Thus, it will give a signal that such men are not serious.

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