Tricks To Take Care of Different Type of Hair

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If there is one thing that we cannot do without as ladies, it is a good hair. Some of us are taking care of hair in the wrong way and ended up with bad hair. Whether your hair is soft, curly or thick, you can take care of them with these tricks.

The Brushing Technique

Brushing is necessary to avoid a matted mess. If you are too aggressive with the hair, you may damage the hair and end up with fluffy ends. Try and brush the hair twice a day if you are looking for a perfect untangled hair.  Brushing the hair from the roots can cause serious damage. You should brush from the bottom of your hair and work it up especially if you have long hair.

A soaking wet hair is fragile, weak, and susceptible to breaking. You should not brush the hair when it is wet, brush with a wide-tooth comb when the hair is dry.

 The Hair Arsenal

If you have fine hair, you should be careful of making use of products containing olive, coconut or argan.  Aloe oil can be an alternative without leaving the hair greasy.

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Women with thick hair need more hydration than the normal fine textured hair because of their wider diameter. You should go for products that are moisture balanced to take care of the drier ends and roots of the hair.  Hair prone to frizzing is taken care of with lightweight smoothing products.

Are you rocking African-Caribbean hair or afro hair? This hair is vulnerable to damages and has specific styling, processing and grooming needs.  Always start working at the ends of this hair before working it up the roots with a wide tooth comb.

However, people with curly or coarse hair should understand that their hair can get dehydrated if you make use of natural oils.  Shea butter is an alternative to natural oils for this type of hair.  What you need is a pre-shampoo treatment that gives hydration and ultimate shine.



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