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Ultimate Two-Minute Hairdo To Prevent Bad/Oil Hair

There are days when we have hair problems.  Some of these days can be the days we want to look our best. From nowhere arrives bad hair that we cannot tell how we ended up with it.  To compound our woes, we have just gotten our hair done at the best salon. Whether you have straightened or dry blown your hair, it doesn’t stop us from getting our hair spoilt.


Over the years, we have learnt a few tricks that would hide any bad hair day.  With these tricks, you can save yourself the discomfort and embarrassment that come with this scenario. How do you take care of this issue when you are ready for your big day?

The solution lies in your updo or tying the hair back. Brushing and straightening the hair back is the starting point of our trick.


  • A hair tie
  • Dry Shampoo
  • The hair oil
  • A spooly: This is the brush you use to tame your eyebrows
  • A hair spray
  • A comb


The Steps:

  1. Take the hair oil and tame any flyaways or frizziness.
  2. Use the hair and part the hair according to your preferred parting.
  3. The next thing to do is to brush the hair back until the hair looks sleek and tangle free.
  4. Firmly tie your hair back.
  5. Spray the spooly with your hair spray. This process would stabilize any flyaways, add more sleekness to the hairline and keep the hair intact all day.
  6. For the oily hair, spray from afar your dry shampoo before you tie the hair back. This balances the hair.


If your hair doesn’t suit you after tying it or it makes you uncomfortable because you love it down, let the hair loose by bringing it behind your ear.

Ultimate Two-Minute Hairdo To Prevent Bad/Oil Hair

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