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When discussing his [email protected] to Toyin Lawani, Segun Wealth says, \”I adore the fact that she gives me money\” (Video) – Lifestyle News

Celebrity coupl3 Segun Wealth and his fashion designer wife Toyin Lawani talk openly about the many wonderful things about their un1on.


The pair, who recently celebrated their first w3dding @nniversary, opened up about their un1on in-depth for the first time on television in an interview for Pulse TV’s “Fun Facts” segment.

Toyin and Segun responded to a good deal of questions from a prepared list in a light-hearted setting.

Even though Toyin Lwani struggled to hide it, the photographer’s statement that he l0ves his w1fe especially since she gives him money was the interview’s high point.

See their peeps below,

Toyin Lawani: What do you love the most about our [email protected]?

Segun Wealth: 3 things that I love is that one, the relationship isn’t getting old, we do everything together and lastly, you give me money.

Toyin Lawani: Segun ti ba interview je (Segun has spoilt the interview). Which money?

Segun: I like that you bring a lot of money

Toyin: They would bow say it’s because of money u [email protected] her

Segun: What’s my concern. Don’t you give me money?

Toyin: Egbami o Sugar Mummy!
What I love about our relationship is that you are one of the people that I have [email protected] that I know isn’t after my mon3y, even when you need something, you literally k1ll yourself before you ask me for that thing. You never take advantage of me. Times that I will leave 20m in your account, I will come back and meet it there. You will need money for yourself, you wouldn’t even touch it.

Watch the video below …

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