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35 Stunning Ankara Styles for Pregnant Women



African pregnancy shoot

Pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to rock ankara fashion designs. What more? Ankara maternity wears are perfect for people who want to mask their early pregnancy from prying eyes. Because of the many patterns on the ankara fabric, it’s easy to hide an early pregnancy wearing those!


While some women choose to go with already made western style maternity dresses, these maternity clothing sometimes seriously lack the kind of style you get from ankara style so take note of the most stylish maternity outfits for you. Moreover, there are lots of small brands on Instagram that sell already made ankara wears for as low as N5,000!

Whatever you taste in ankara or native maternity wears, we’ve got you covered!


Casual, Knee Length, Ankara Maternity wear with front pockets.

ankara styles for pregnant women

Bubu style mixed ankara maternity dress. Absolutely stunning!

free ankara tops



Free fit maternity top. You can pair this with jeans or skirt. The belt will serve you well after you baby is born.

Ankara bubu

Straight ankara gown with big, bold sleeves. Perfect for regular pregnancies under 6 months.

bubu styles

This is one of those ankara dresses perfect for hiding an early pregnancy. This yellow, gathered ankara gown is so vibrant that all the attention will be on the beauty of the dress.

Flay gown for pregnancy

Many pregnant Nigerian women prefers this simple A-line gown because of the freedom it allows during pregnancy. The unique sleeves on this dress will stand you out.

ankara flay gown

Another simple A-line gown to rock during your pregnancy.

African pregnancy shoot

How absolutely fabulous is this mermaid ankara gown? You tailor would have to be great to achieve this fit.

Pregnancy Natives

Simple casual A-line gown for when you just don’t know what to wear. The looseness and length of this gown will allow you to wear it all through your pregnancy.

Nice native for pregnancy

How gorgeous is this maternity wear? Spot the bead straps?

Free ankara styles

Halterneck ankara dresses are always a hit every time. Perfect for the momma who just wants freedom.

Free ankara styles

How chic is this ankara plain and pattern dress?

Ankara for preggos

Looking for something cute? This this ankara plain and patter mix with a cute bow.

ankara bubu

V-neck casual gown to rock during your pregnancy.

free ankara top

Who says you can’t rock a cute top during your pregnancy!

yellow ankara styles

This yellow ankara fabric is everything. The tailor did a great job by introducing a richer, darker but different ankara pattern around the neckline.

ankara stylish dress for pregnancy

How cute would you look in this dress during your pregnancy. Just take off the belt to rock it as a loose fit gown.

ankara flay

So many ways to rock ankara flay gowns during pregnancy. This design has a high neckline that gives it a unique touch.

long ankara patch gown

Looking for something more occasion worthy? Try this lace and ankara patch gown.

nice ankara gowns

The ankara fabric and style are a perfect match. Another unique take on the regular flay dress style.

ankara on jeans

Ankara Peplum tops are great for masking early pregnancy.

Free ankara top

How cool would you look in this full, umbrella ankara top?!

long ankara jacket

Long ankara jackets are an absolutely must haves during your pregnancy. They’re very versatile and stunning. See more jackets.

Ankara top and jeans

Another stunning ankara peplum top to rock during your pregnancy. The longer the peplum flay, the longer you can wear it into your pregnancy term.

pregnancy ankara

This outfit is simply perfect. If you don’t like wahala during pregnancy, you would want to try this style.

ankara that is free

Chic, casual ankara dress with side pockets.

Free gowns

Full flay ankara dress to wear during maternity. You would have to use the silk ankara fabric to achieve this look.

ankara casual

Sleeveless A-line gown for a casual preggo look.

casual ankara with pocket

How stunning is this free ankara gown with front button design.

ankara mix and match

This style is going to need a lot of fabric but it’s absolutely stunning.

ankara gown

There are so many ways to rock casual, free ankara dresses during your pregnancy and this is one of them.

Long ankara gown

Long, classic ankara gown with halter neckline. This dress will be suitable for pregnancies of any size.

stunning Ankara top

This ankara stop speaks for itself!

flay ankara gown

Short sleeve, A-line gown all popped up by unique ankara fabrics.

long ankara gown

Imagine your 8-9 month pregnant belly in this gorgeous dress!

long ankara gown

This is that type of dress that can hide an advanced pregnancy while being stylish at the same time.

There you have it!


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