7 Tips For Picking The Right Evening Gown This Festive Season

Do you already have an invite to attend an award or black-tie event this festive season? And do you have that perfect evening gown to step out alone or with your man like the queen that you are?

Well, if your answer is no, you don’t have to worry as we have highlighted some tips you should consider before getting yourself an evening gown that will not just flatter your silhouette but also make you the cynosure of all eyes.

Below are 7 tips for choosing the right evening gown for any occasion this season.

 Nature of the event

Since you don’t want to feel out of place at that event, it is important that you select a gorgeous dress that perfectly suits the occasion that you’re attending. If it is a formal event, you need to wear a formal evening dress. With some careful planning and attention to details, you can select a dress that will make you the centre of attention.

 Choice of fabric

Select an evening dress designed with a piece of lovely fabric. When it comes to evening gowns, you should think elegant, sophisticated and almost goddess-like fabrics. Your choice of fabric could range from silk, satin, lace, organza, tulle, georgette, or chiffon. Over the years, these fabrics have been used to make show-stopping evening dresses, and with their natural beauty, elegant drapes, and exquisite femininity, they will definitely make you stand out at that event.

 Consider your body type

Knowing the kind of outfits that suits your body type is very vital. In fact, this is one of the secrets to finding the perfect evening gown. You should try to opt for dresses that will cover your body flaws and accentuate your best body parts. For instance, if you have big arms, then, you should keep them covered and instead emphasize your back to balance your body shape.

Right colour

It is important to select a gown that perfectly suits your complexion. Colours that compliment your skin tone will make you look charming and gorgeous. However, if you want to be on the safe side, then, you could consider opting for a sweet and cool black colour. However, if a colour is clearly stated for the event, then, stick to that colour and harmonise it with complementing accessories. .

Gown style

Style is everything. So choose a gown style that is stylish with a timeless appeal. Therefore, it is advisable not to fall for trends, instead, opt for an evergreen style that will still look fashionable if you decide to wear it in the future. Depending on what you want, you could purchase or have your evening gown custom made by a creative designer to suit your persona and style.

Length of gown

If you are attending a formal black-tie or award event, it is advisable to opt for a stunning floor-length evening gown with beautiful sleeves, necklines, cuts, bodice and details that flatters.

Evening shoes

You should match your evening dress with a pair of smashing evening shoes. Most evening shoes are made with luxurious fabric and embellishments like rhinestones, crystals, pearls or sequins. The colour of your evening shoes should be based on the colour of the gown you’re wearing. However, it is important to add that you can have evening shoe colours that are versatile enough to work with several gown colours like black, silver and gold.

So just aim for style and elegance as you step out in your striking evening gown for that special event this festive season.

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