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Beauty Secrets Celebrities Hide From You

Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain their skin daily? The task of maintaining your skin can be a daunting process if you don’t know what to do.   When we look at the pictures of these celebrities, all we see our perfect pouts, not a single crease or strand of hair that are out of place.


The secret is what we want to tell you. These celebrities can go an extra mile in making sure that they don’t lose their skin contents. Interestingly, some of the secrets can be out of this world or do we say crazy? Here are some of the beauty routines that may seem crazy to many of us.

Cinnamon Oil and Pouting

Do you like pouting? 7. Lisa Rinna is a master in pouting and she does this with the support of cinnamon oil.  Rinna apply the oil to her lip gross and the result is amazing.  The pout is pumped up and you can always thank Rinna for this secret.

Fruits and the Teeth


Catherine Zeta Jones has her own beauty routine. If you are wondering how she gets her perfect smile, then think about fruits.  The Welsh actress makes use of fruits- We mean she applies fruits on her teeth. She rubs the fruits on her teeth and then her smile whitens.  The pulp of fruits contains an acid called malic acid that functions as astringents. Also, astringents lighten up an surface stain.

Cranberry Juice and the Hair


Nicole Kidman applies cranberry juice on her hair.  The ravishing hair you may love to possess comes from this secret. The actress pours the cranberry juice after she must have shampooed her hair. The shine comes out when she applies the cranberry juice on her hair.


Beauty Secrets Celebrities Hide From You

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