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Budget for a glowing skin

Whenever we check our social media, on the road and we always see the skin of women. We are also shown the advertisement of products that makes our skin glow but when we check the price, we take a step back.

Imagine coming across a product that is more than you can originally afford; it is frustrating, right? Guess what? You do not have to break a bank because there are some products that are really good and very affordable, ranging from N2000-5000.

When it comes to glowing skin, care needs to be taken because if you do not follow the regime religiously, you will not achieve that desired result. While working on your skin, work on the inner you; exercise, drink water, eat fruits.


There are things to note when looking for that glowing skin:

Consult a dermatologist. There is nothing as beautiful as getting the perfect solution to your stubborn skin problems. It is the dermatologist and aesthetician’s duty to have the answers.

• Know your skin type: There are different types of skin types: Oily, Dry, Sensitive, Scaly, Combination. Knowing what skin type you have will guide you properly on the products to use.

• Read the ingredients: Consult a dermatologist to know what to look out for or avoid but if you cannot, google a product and know the ingredients instead of just walking to a store blindly.

• Do a skin patch: Use a little of a product on your wrist and watch for 48 hours. If you start itching or see any discolouration, discontinue use.

• Drink water: Whether we believe it or not, staying hydrated helps with the skin glow. Health professionals also recommend this.

• Go for a Massage: Now, many people think massages cost a lot but they are wrong. With at least ?10,000, you can get a massage. Once or twice a month massage is enough.

• Eat fruits: Fruits are the perfect recommendation for clear skin. They will also give you the desired results. Radiating on the inside makes you radiate on the outside.

• Stay in a cool place: I came across a tweet some time ago, where someone tweeted that before he steps down from his car, he stays inside for 10 minutes for the a/c to cool his body. He confessed that this is one of his secrets. Have you also noticed that when people travel abroad, their skin starts glowing? Try the a/c secret and you will be grateful you did.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY): Skincare products like body scrubs and coconut oil are easy to make and can be done at home. Want to know how? Log on to YouTube and you will find videos on how to make easy and natural products for your skin type.

• Ensure your bedsheets and pillowcases are clean: It is recommended that we should change them weekly. This will prevent residue from getting into your skin and help with acne control.

• Wear Sunscreen daily: Sunscreen protects us from damaging our UV rays. Wearing sunscreen daily helps to prevent skin cancer, sunburn. When looking for the right sunscreen, choose the one with a sun-protection factor of 30-60 at least, if you spend a lot of time outside.

• Always cleanse: It is advisable that you should cleanse your face twice a day with the right cleansing product for your skin type. If a cleanser makes your face tight, stop use.

• Happiness: It is said that when you are happy, it radiates on the outside, causing a glow. To achieve happiness, first, love yourself. Even if you think you are not up to the societal standard, love yourself. Trust me, this works wonders.

If you have a skin condition, consult a dermatologist and follow their recommended skincare regime consistently.

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Skin Care

Tricks Women With Perfect Skin Hide From Us Daily

Some of us know someone who has a seemly perfect skin. Sometimes, we desire to know what these women do to maintain the flawless skin.  We have a lot of questions we want to ask these ladies that we have answered in this article.


They Use the Right Cleanser For Their Skin

A cleanser may not work for every skin. Some of us make this mistake in using cleansers that are not ideal for our skin. For those with acne or oily prone skin, they go for benzoyl peroxide or salicylic gel products. The dry mature skin can work right with milky or glycolic cleanser. Those with melasma or brown spots on their skins can go for the brightening cleaner.


They drink the Right Fluid

Many of us are addicted to coffee that we go for it immediately we wake up. You should go for the right beverage like chlorophyll to hydrate, oxygenate and brighten our skins.  Chlorophyll drains puffiness from the skin and right for cellulite. Green juices with vegetable can do wonders to your skin too.


They Go For Healthy Diets

These ladies do not joke with their meals. They go for healthy diets to maintain their skin. Meals rich in omega-3, flax seeds and even walnuts can help your skin glow and retain moisture.  Make such you eat diets low in simple or complex carbohydrates.


They Moisturize Daily- Day and Night

The ideal time to moisturize is immediately you have a shower and the next time is when you are ready to sleep.  Try and stay away from lotions containing heavy fragrances and irritation.


They Avoid The Fingers

Fingers are no go area for these ladies. The fingers should not touch your face to avoid breakouts and spread of bacteria.

With these few tricks, you are on your way to having an awesome skin.

. Tricks Women With Perfect Skin Hide From Us Daily Follow StyleDIVA.

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Skin Care

Beauty Secrets Celebrities Hide From You

Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain their skin daily? The task of maintaining your skin can be a daunting process if you don’t know what to do.   When we look at the pictures of these celebrities, all we see our perfect pouts, not a single crease or strand of hair that are out of place.


The secret is what we want to tell you. These celebrities can go an extra mile in making sure that they don’t lose their skin contents. Interestingly, some of the secrets can be out of this world or do we say crazy? Here are some of the beauty routines that may seem crazy to many of us.

Cinnamon Oil and Pouting

Do you like pouting? 7. Lisa Rinna is a master in pouting and she does this with the support of cinnamon oil.  Rinna apply the oil to her lip gross and the result is amazing.  The pout is pumped up and you can always thank Rinna for this secret.

Fruits and the Teeth


Catherine Zeta Jones has her own beauty routine. If you are wondering how she gets her perfect smile, then think about fruits.  The Welsh actress makes use of fruits- We mean she applies fruits on her teeth. She rubs the fruits on her teeth and then her smile whitens.  The pulp of fruits contains an acid called malic acid that functions as astringents. Also, astringents lighten up an surface stain.

Cranberry Juice and the Hair


Nicole Kidman applies cranberry juice on her hair.  The ravishing hair you may love to possess comes from this secret. The actress pours the cranberry juice after she must have shampooed her hair. The shine comes out when she applies the cranberry juice on her hair.

These are few of the beauty routines you may want to try if you can dare yourself.


. Beauty Secrets Celebrities Hide From You Follow StyleDIVA.

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