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Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step|Lifetsyle


Healthy Homemade Fried Rice with Carrots and Peas

Fried Rice stands as a meal popular meal in Nigeria. It comes to mind when you attend birthday parties, weddings, street parties, picnics among other celebrity occasions.

Nigerian fried rice could be mixed with Moi moi, Salad or Coleslaw.

Are you thinking of cooking Nigerian fried rice, and considering if it might be hard when preparing? Let’s do it together.

Recipe For Fried Rice


Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step. Photo Credit: Nigerian Food TV

  • Parboiled rice.
  • Full Chicken
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Cow liver (edo).
  • Curry powder.
  • Green beans.
  • Carrots.
  • Salt
  • Onions.
  • Stock/bouillon cubes.
  • Thyme.

After going through the recipe, rest assured that other things are secondary to cook this rice.

You may proceed by adding more things to your treat after you finish preparing it.

Complete Ingredients For Nigerian Fried Rice

Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step

  • 3¾ cups (750g) long-grain parboiled rice.
  • Full Chicken (or chicken drumsticks).
  • Vegetable Oil.
  • 100g cow liver (edo).
  • A tablespoon of Nigerian curry powder (Not Indian Curry).
  • ½ cup of green beans.
  • 3 piece of carrots.
  • Salt (for taste)
  • 3 onions.
  • 3 stock/bouillon cubes.
  • A tablespoon of thyme.

How To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice With Chicken


Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step. Credit: GAI

Step 1:


Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step

  1. Wash the Vegetables:

Start by washing all the vegetables that you want to use in place to cook the delicacy, after thoroughly washing the vegetables, you will need to put it in place for it to dry.

2. Slice the Carrots:

You will rinse the carrot and when it’s clean the next thing to do is to scrap the unwanted edges and slice the carrots into tiny cubes, so it can easily be soft to chew when eating.

3. Cut the Green Beans:


Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step. Photo Credit: Google Advanced Images

You will move further by cutting the green beans into small portions of about 0.7cm long, these pieces can easily become soft.

Then you will go on by soaking all these 2 vegetables in two different hot water for about 5 minutes and drain. You should cut a bulb of the onion and put all these aside.

Step 2:  Prepare the Cow Liver and Chicken


Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step. Image Credit: Google Advanced Images

  1. Boil the Cow Liver:

The next step is to prepare the cow liver that was included in the recipe to use in preparing the fried rice. You will cook the liver until it’s well cooked and cut it into tiny pieces.

2. Cook the chicken:

You will need to cut the whole chicken into pieces and cook it with any chicken cubes of your choice, thyme and 2 bulbs of onions (sliced). When you’re done the cooking, grill it in an oven or deep-fry with the available vegetable oil. This will make it look more appealing and more presentable especially when you want to entertain your guests with your fried rice.

3 Cook the liver and chicken together:

Considering the time and energy to use in preparing these, you can cook the cow liver and chicken as many people always do.

After all these ingredients to be used are in place, then, it’s time we moved to the next step, which is the cooking, and of course, you’re ready for it? follow the below step to prepare the appetizer fried rice:

Step 3: Cooking Fried Rice:

  1. Parboil the Rice

This is the next step to consider when you want to cook Nigerian fried rice, by applying the method explained in parboiling rice for cooking fried rice. Well-parboiled rice ensures that the grains of the rice will not stick together when the rice is fully prepared.

After you finished boiling the rice, you will rinse it with cold water and put in a sieve, the sieve will get the parboiled rice from the water.

2. Pour the Chicken Into a Sieve

The next thing to do is by pouring the chicken stock into a sieve in other to remove all forms of onions and thyme used in cooking the chicken. Then, empty the stock into a pot and set to boil. After the water boils, add the parboiled rice; add 1 tablespoon of plain yellow curry powder and add salt to taste (the plain yellow curry powder just for colouring don’t add chilli).

3. Water Ratio Be On Same Level With Rice

Consider the water level to add to be somewhat less than the level of the parboiled rice; better still, it should be at the same level as the rice.

This will ensure that all the water dries up by the time the rice is done so that the rice will not be overcooked. The water quantity is what will cook the rice so that the grains will not stick together.

How To Do It

  • Stir the rice in the pot;
  • Cover the pot,
  • Leave it to cook on medium heat.
  • This will save the rice from burning before the water dries up.

Immediately the water dries up, the rice should be cooked once and for all. Preparing perfect fried rice is by separating the grains from one another, contrary to the appetite which is not too hard to endure.

4. Transfer It To Another Bowl

Then, transfer the rice to a dish or another pot to assist cool it down quickly. Again, this is required to keep the grains from sticking to themselves. If you leave it in the main hot pot, the rice will continue to cook and eventually gets burn.

5. Divide The Vegetables

This is the point where it is advisable to divide the vegetables into different sizes – 4, 5 or even 6 equal parts-. All the rice will be fried in sets, although this number depends on the quantity of rice you can easily fry in the pan or pot. Also, divide the cooked rice and the sliced cow liver into the same quantities parts.

6. Time To Fried the Rice


Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step. Photo Credit: Eating Well

This is the time to spill a small amount of vegetable oil into a frying pan. This amount of oil should be such that would be absorbed by 1 part of the cooked rice and another part of the vegetables. Then, when the oil gets hot, add one part of diced onions and stir for about 10 seconds, followed by a  part of diced cow liver, one part each of the sliced vegetables, then a per cent of cooked rice.

7. Add The Following Ingredients

  • Add more salt if necessary.
  • Add more curry powder,
  • Add more oils.

Repeat all this process for the remaining batches of the ingredients. You can add all this to the dish at this stage if you need to spice up the colour of the meal. Mix it up until all the ingredients have blended well before you transfer it to another dry spot.

The is all it required to prepare the fried rice because you’re good to go. Spice the dish up blending it up with a fried chicken, you can add coleslaw, Moi Moi and Nigerian salad are not left out.

Please Note:

Fried Rice can go easily bad. This can be avoided by spreading it to cool, then refrigerate it as soon as possible. Cook it very close to the serving time if your plan is to serve it at a party. If you refrigerate it, it will last for 48 hours without losing its taste.

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Easy Guide To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice|Step By Step|Lifetsyle

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