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Comprehensive Sex Education: Right Time To Teach Your Child

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Comprehensive Sex Education: Right Time To Teach Your Child

Comprehensive Sex Education: Right Time To Teach Your Child. Source: Google Advanced Images

Sex, as a word, reveals more than it conceals. It is commonly cautiously used during conversation and gathering, especially in religious settings.

Many parents shy away from discussing it with their children because they believe it is too sensitive a subject.

But, importantly, there should be a subject that teaches about sex education in every school. This will enlighten children and teens to know the concept of sex, the importance and the repercussion of having sex at an early age.

What Is Sex Education?

Sex education is a study that teaches children, teen and early adult about their body parts, how to interact with the opposite sex: public or private places, where they should restrict people from touching etc.

It’s further described by Wikipedia as the instruction of issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, age of consent, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence.

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) disclosed that right from infancy, children start taking cognisance of their body, including touching their genitals when naked, which is an act of curiosity and not for sexual activities. Thus, if such children ask questions about such topics, parents are urged to answer them amicably, without going too much.

According to AAP, sex education includes teaching about human sexuality, intimate relationships, sexual reproduction, human sexual anatomy, sexually transmitted infections (STI), sexual activity, sexual orientation, consent, abstinence, contraception and reproductive rights and responsibilities.

Should Sex Education Be Taught In School?

Comprehensive Sex Education: Right Time To Teach Your Child

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Comprehensive Sex Education: Right Time To Teach Your Child. Source: Google Advanced Images

Sex education is necessarily needed to be taken in all schools to enlighten children about it. This should be a compulsory subject for all pupils. Educating them at a tender age has become hugely necessary given the things they are exposed to on the television and the internet.

Females should be informed that there should be no hugging. Nobody should hug them. If anybody insists, they should tell such persons that their mother regularly hugs them and that is enough for them. It teaches children to raise the alarm or shout if there is force approach.

Goals Of Sex Educatio:
  1. Focus on clear health goals (the prevention of STDs, HIV and/or pregnancy).
  2. Focus close(ly) on specific behaviours leading to these health goals (by abstaining from sex or using condoms or other contraceptives).
  3. Convey clear messages about these behaviours and by addressing these situations that might lead to such behaviour and ways to avoid them.
  4. Address recurring sexual psychosocial risks and protective factors affecting sexual risk habits ranging from knowledge; perceived risks, attitudes, values, noticed norms and self-efficacy).

Sex Education At Home

Sex Education At Home:

Challenges faced by single parents Source:

Parents should begin teaching their children sexual education as early as possible. You need to teach your children the names of all their body parts and what is not appropriate to touch or say about it.

After teaching your children the basic names of their body parts at a tender age, it would be easier when they grow older, like eight years old (whether for a male or female child). Avoid the use of nicknames or graphics, more so such children are exposed to different images on the television or even the Internet.

Also, parents should note that there is no hard-and-fast rule on how to go about it because some children ask questions while some don’t ask. For those who ask, you should provide answers to it sincerely, and for those who don’t ask, such discussions could be started by introducing them to certain terms and stay away from nicknames. You can also ask your children things that they already know about, to know where to take it from.

The Pros Of Sex Education

  1. It will help the children to know their body parts in their early.
  2. This will save them from learning it from outside, for they might be misinformed.
  3. Children will be mindful of their body parts and restrict others from touching as much as they can.
  4. They will learn ho to abstain from sex at a tender age.
  5. By teaching them gradually about the organs and their functions.
  6. They would fall from the wrong interpretation about anything related to puberty (menstrual cramps)
  7. Sex education focuses on clear health goals.
  8. It reduces the high rate of teenage pregnancy.
  9. It saves the prepubescence fro the paedophiles.
  10. Delaying sex until they are older.
  11. Using condoms and contraception when they do have sex.
  12. Reducing the frequency of sex.
  13. Reducing the number of sexual partners.
  14. It gives them an insight about homosexuality or lesbianism is bad and being touched wrongly in certain places by someone of the same sex is wrong, not to talk of someone of the opposite sex.
  15. Sex education will teach your children to distance themselves from anything that could make them unzip or remove their pants.


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