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Everything You Should Know About Eyelash Lift

African women are quickly embracing the fashion trends. There was an era when our eye lashes we’re just perfect the way they were. For those with the short eyelashes, they didn’t think they could do something about them and they left it that way. Even if people laugh about it, there was nothing anyone could do about it literally.


Fast forward, we have grown to appreciate what expensive mascaras, falsies and lash extensions can do to our appearance. Today, if you have straight, short lashes, you don’t need to worry because these extensions got you covered. There are several products in the market that will give you the bold and bright sparkling eyes. This makes it difficult to choose with the  many options available to us. However, a eyelash lift can take you out of this dilemma.

What is an Eyelash Lift?

Many of us want to know what this lash lift is all about. It can be simply described as a push up bra designed for the lashes. The process of getting the lash lift involves you getting a temporary perming. The perming will enhance your appearance by making then lifted.

Eyelash lifting is not like what everyone of us know about getting out lashes premed over the years. The previous method of getting the lash permed comes with a different tool and formula unlike lash lifting.

If you are thinking of this fashion experience , you are not left alone because this procedure is gaining popularity. You can now throw away your eyelash curler and enjoy the lash lift that will keep your lashes curled upward for a long time.

The process is fairly quick and painless. Many people including celebrities like Karrueche Tran and Chrissy Metz have used it to lift their lashes.  What are you expected to know before embarking on this lift?

The lashes and eye area should not have oil and free of makeup. This will make it easier for the procedure to be carried out. The technician will apply on onto the eyelid a silicone mold that makes use it  non-toxic glue. This is the only item that can touch your skin.

When the silicone mold has been placed on your eyelid, your lashes are curled with the glue that is placed over the mold. This is created on an outward and upward curve for a curl to happen. Once your lashes have been adhered to that mold and separated, you will find out you are looking prettier. Don’t forget that this procedure is carried out on your upper lashes.





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Everything You Should Know About Eyelash Lift

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