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Amazing Foolproof Tricks To Keep Makeup On During An Event

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Since the era of Cleopatra, makeup has been making its rounds.  Makeup is a form of self expression and creativity. We want to share with you some of the best tips that would make your makeup stay right where you made them.

Set 1: Prepare Your skin

The only reason your makeup can last is when you have a smooth makeup. With a healthy skin, you have no fear of having an amazing makeup.  Take steps to look after your skin. Don’t skip moisturizers even if your skin is oily. Exfoliate your skin before you can apply makeup to offer a smooth surface.

Step 2: The Prime Time

Primer can act as a skin and makeup barrier that will stop the foundation from being absorbed into the skin.  Also, the eyes should not forgotten too when applying primer.

Step 3:  You Should Water-Proof

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The last thing you want to see is mascara smear. You can handle this with waterproof mascaras. You can find them in some beauty shops.

Step 4: Go for Proof Lips

There would be singing and screaming at an event, with a lip balm that is underneath, you can add your lipsticks.

Step 5: The Masterpiece

When you set your spray, it locks everything and settles your powders.


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