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Make Your Press-On Nails Look Like A Professional Mani

It is either you have stunning looking press-on nails or they are average. There is no denying that when you have a good nail design, you will feel excited and confident of showing them off.  Sometimes, we are very busy or are ‘rich’ to take ourselves to professionals for a good nail job. No matter which side that is your challenge, we desire to have great nails.

We have some secrets that will make your press-on nails look like a professional mani. The process of press-on requires some steps that will ensure you get that perfect manicured appearance.  The steps are as follows:

Step 1

The nails has to be filed and shaped slightly over the quick of your nails.  You will wash and cleanse the nails to get the best adhesion, you need alcohol wipe to apply on the nails. One of the common mistakes some of us make is that we don’t clean the nail surface well.

Step 2

For those who are making use of glue, make sure that a dab is used at the base of the nail and by the tip.

Step 3

You should work at a 45-degree angle when applying the full cover nail to align at the cuticle.  Ensure you press down toward the tips of the nails.

We can also recommend that you shape the nails with a file before you think of applying it.  You will have to stay away from doing heavy cleaning or doing dishes for 24 hours.  The process of the nail product settling can take a little time.

Finally, there is no better way of appearing professional if your nails are not well done. Take a little time and make your nails the envy of your appearance by making use of these tips. We believe you are going to get it right.

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