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Mascara & Eyeshadow Tips You Would Love to Try

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When it comes to transforming our appearances, mascara doesn’t disappoint.  The eyes take a different look when we apply mascara on them. Look youthful and bright eyed when you have that mascara that takes you to a different game.  You don’t need to be dramatic to pull stunts with mascara.

We have listed some amazing tips for those of us who want to use mascara for our makeup:

Begin your  mascara makeup from the roots of the eye lashes and move towards the tips. When you do this, it increases the lashes but doesn’t weigh down.

When you have applied a coat of mascara, take a rest for some seconds before applying the second coat if you want. The reason for this is to avoid clumpy appearance.

Clean off your mascara if there are in excess from the wand. A tissue can do the work before you can apply.

Ensure that your lashes are curled before using the mascara. This can be done with a good eyelash curler. When curling, you should pinch the eyelash curler at its last base before rotating it upward tightly.

You should understand that the way the mascara is help is important. If you want a thick lash, hold the wand in a horizontal manner and vertical for the lower lash to appear natural.

The mascara can last longer than expected when you don’t pump the wand as you pull it out. To stop it from drying out, swirl it. Don’t forget that your mascara is the last deal during your eye makeup.

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The Eyeshadow Tips

When you want to give dimension or add depth to the eyes, the eyeshadow comes handy when applied in the right way. To make the eyes appear bigger ad accentuate the colour of the eyes is the work of the eyeshadow.

We will advise you to but high quality brushes and products to make it easier for you to apply and blend.  If you are worried your eyeshadow wouldn’t stay till the work day is over, go for a good primer and apply before using eye shadow.

For those of us who love less pigmented eye shadow that would appear poppy and vibrant, the eyelid should be covered with a white eyeliner. When you do this , it cancels out your skin colour and create the perfect base for the eye shadow.

The bottom area of the eyes needs a dark shade of your eye shadow, above it needs a medium shade and then a light shade can blend.  Every part of our eye is important and needs attention. You don’t have to be wild to create something outstanding with the eye makeup. You can never tell how good you will look when you apply any of these hacks.s


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