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Tricks in Tanning In The Skin

There are lots of things to avoid when you are making use of organic spray tan, the first is to make sure that you stay away from moisturizers that contain mineral. The reason for this is because the mineral oil particle may be too large for the skin pores to absorb easily. And when minerals does this, it may be different to apply the tan easily.


What To Avoid

  • The deodorants should equally be avoided. The side effect of spraying tans over deodorants can result in some funny side effects like the famous green rings that may appear around the user’s arm pit.
  • This side effect is embarrassing as it may take a long time to clear off. This is what a lot of people are not aware of when tanning their skins.

And after the process of tanning, there are equally things that should be taken note of. When one shower after tanning, colour washing off may be seen the first time. Do not worry as it is the bronze colour that was applied on the skin while tanning. The beauty of tanning is your skin would take care of its self tan reaction on your skin.

Remember, perspiring after tanning is not advisable. The washing of hands should be done with care. This means you should take out time to do all these until around eight hours or a full day before you take your bath too. This depends on the type of skin you have.

Also, remember that instant spray tan can last only three hours after washing. It is known that perspiration after tanning would cause the tanning to fade quick. This is why you should be careful on the things you do after tanning.


  • You should try and moisturize at least twice a day with a lotion that is alcohol free. If your skin is hydrated, it would last longer when it is tanned and also help in reducing the skin natrual exfoliation.
  • It is known that any alcohol based body product would fade the tanned skin quick.
  • For those who would want to enjoy the tanning, hair removal products should be avoided and also stay away from exfoliating skin products too.
  • Even the long and hot shower would fade the tan fast. Inasmuch as tanning is beautiful, it can be dangerous too.

The cancer society and dermatologists have warned that a prolonged tanning of the skin is very dangerous. This is what you should know before you embark on the process of tanning. And for those who are new to the process, they should equally take out time in reading a lot of articles about the process.

Organic spray tan has become what a lot of people are now making use of when it comes to tanning the skin. And for those who are going for the process, they should have the full information they need before they can get their skin tanned. Before you go for tanning, do not just make use of any shop or firm, make sure you have a certified and trustworthy firm that would be able to take care of your skin without causing a side effect.


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Tricks in Tanning In The Skin

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