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Eye Makeup Hacks For Beginners and Experts

Whether you are makeup expert or just beginning to learn the craft, the eye makeup is quite different or tricky.  Many of us have made mistakes trying to get the right makeup on our eyes. Not to worry if you are with this us in this dilemma because we have created some hacks to learn the trade. Gone are the days when we are at the mercy of experts who wouldn’t teach us without payment.  We have kept it simple and easy to try for you when it comes to these different makeup techniques.


It is difficult to ignore eyeliner for eye makeup. Eyeliner is a basic step in creating that a great eye appearance.  You get the freedom you desire with it when working on the shape you want of your eyes.

For this step, you need to look at these hacks.

The eyelids are required to be clean before a primer can be applied on them. This makes the eye makeup to stay longer and stay clear of smudge.

If you desire denser eyelashes, apply the eyeliner close to your lash line so that it can look like a natural lash line. This method is referred to as tight lining.  You will create a dotted line from your outer to the inner corner of your eyes before connecting the dots.  A stiff slant brush can be used in blending the dots out to make a perfect soft line.

The tip of the liner need to be blunt and thin to create precision and the perfect shape you desire. One simple trick is freezing the eyeliner before you sharpen it to stop it from crumbling.


Eye Makeup Hacks For Beginners and Experts

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