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Natural Ways to Handle Stubborn Acne

Getting rid of acne can be done with the use of natural products that can be gotten around us. Some of us might be in need of clearing the acne that would come back after making use of every available remedy that is available. Orange pulp is one natural product that can easily take care of acne yet a lot of people are not aware of this because of the popular use of garlic in handling acne.

Getting rid of blemish skin because of acne can be through this method. Now how do we make use of orange pulp in taking care of acne menace? There is need to mash the pulp of the orange which can then be diluted with water for it to be easily to apply on the affected body parts.


You must have heard about honey and even cinnamon or the combination of both in taking care of acne. Most people suffer from acne because they lack some vital minerals and vitamins that should fight the growth of acne are missing.

There is this thing that gets people frustrated with the recommendation that force them be conscious of the meal they take especially the balanced diets that should have taken care of acne. No matter how much they try, this acne still invades their bodies. The one reason for this is taking antibiotics that affect the functioning of normal body floras that should have taken care of acne are killed by these drugs.


How to get rid of acne can be done with supplements like Maca. Have you come across this supplement before? This vegetative Peruvian root is a supplement that a lot of people are making use of in taking care of their body systems against acne as it balances the hormones in the body.

It can be a perfect supplement for adolescents without affecting the bacterial level in the body. Another supplement can be located in online stores according to function and their specification.  Taking lots of seeds, nuts, vegetable and even fruits can be a saving grace to those who are suffering from acne. These food items have selenium and equally zinc which help in taking care of acne growth and also prevent them from becoming a body’s menace.


Water is one method of getting rid of acne. We take water but what has it got to do with acne prevention? If you are asking of this question then you don’t know the whole work of this water we might take as common. Water is medicinal and because it helps in taking care of dehydration of the skin and also eliminates useless skins that the body doesn’t need any longer.


Water is one remedy that would naturally handle any type of acne and with a good fresh air and sunshine; there is a hundred percent of taking care of acne without spending so much on drugs and supplements for acne. There are so many online advise and tips on how to handle acne and if you need more than this, get online and see more information about acne.





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Amazing Aso Ebi That Will Change Your Style

In Africa, fashion is a popular trendsetter because we are creative people. Every year, we witness amazing designs from our creative people. There is hardly a year that we don’t make an impression with our outfits on many walkways around the world.

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We have outstanding designers whose works are showcased among the best especially our native fashion. Interestingly, we choose our outfits according to our tastes.  If you are beautiful and stylish, our native fashion will do you good when you get dressed.

We love to wear outfits in our native styles and fashion. Even if we are not going to look traditionally, we often apply a cultural element to dazzle people in our outfits.  It is not only for events or parties that we dressed in aso ebi. Aso ebi can look greater as casual outfits. Take out time and check out what people can do with their aso ebi.

There is hardly an event that doesn’t showcase beautiful aso ebi outfits. For those of us who are after the trending designs, the best place to visit is a weekend party. Gone are the days when we see boring outfits during events.

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We are excited that our designers are not sparing the oldies designs that our grandmothers once rocked in their youth days. These days we see many oldies coming back as outstanding designs.  Recreating designs have become what we see in aso ebi designs. This doesn’t mean that there are no newer designs. The new designs are classic and out-of-this world when you see some of them on the red carpets.

We have come to embrace the most sophisticated designs in showing up at parties, weddings and even casual parties. Are you still wondering what to wear in your next event? We have some of these designs to show you.

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Aso ebi has come to stay with us. Everyone including children have their share of the beauty of aso ebi. It doesn’t matter where you are heading to, what matters is what you want to do with your fabric. We have seen cheap fabrics turn out to be the jewels of an event because a designer did an amazing work on them.

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You can pick any of these designs and recreate your unique piece. All you need is to take an idea from what we have posted here and add your creativity. This is the result of what happens when you see some stunning designs at the red carpets or main events. Sometimes we wonder if the designs we see on other ladies came from Africa. When we hear that these designs were created in some slums or even local streets, we marvel greatly.

Some of these designs are specially created for you to look great. The next time we see you in an event, we want you to look pretty and bold.  We look forward to your new aso ebi design.

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Everything You Should Know About Eyelash Lift

African women are quickly embracing the fashion trends. There was an era when our eye lashes we’re just perfect the way they were. For those with the short eyelashes, they didn’t think they could do something about them and they left it that way. Even if people laugh about it, there was nothing anyone could do about it literally.


Fast forward, we have grown to appreciate what expensive mascaras, falsies and lash extensions can do to our appearance. Today, if you have straight, short lashes, you don’t need to worry because these extensions got you covered. There are several products in the market that will give you the bold and bright sparkling eyes. This makes it difficult to choose with the  many options available to us. However, a eyelash lift can take you out of this dilemma.

What is an Eyelash Lift?

Many of us want to know what this lash lift is all about. It can be simply described as a push up bra designed for the lashes. The process of getting the lash lift involves you getting a temporary perming. The perming will enhance your appearance by making then lifted.

Eyelash lifting is not like what everyone of us know about getting out lashes premed over the years. The previous method of getting the lash permed comes with a different tool and formula unlike lash lifting.

If you are thinking of this fashion experience , you are not left alone because this procedure is gaining popularity. You can now throw away your eyelash curler and enjoy the lash lift that will keep your lashes curled upward for a long time.

The process is fairly quick and painless. Many people including celebrities like Karrueche Tran and Chrissy Metz have used it to lift their lashes.  What are you expected to know before embarking on this lift?

The lashes and eye area should not have oil and free of makeup. This will make it easier for the procedure to be carried out. The technician will apply on onto the eyelid a silicone mold that makes use it  non-toxic glue. This is the only item that can touch your skin.

When the silicone mold has been placed on your eyelid, your lashes are curled with the glue that is placed over the mold. This is created on an outward and upward curve for a curl to happen. Once your lashes have been adhered to that mold and separated, you will find out you are looking prettier. Don’t forget that this procedure is carried out on your upper lashes.





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Makeup Tricks Every Lady Should Know

Being a lady comes with a lot of responsibilities when you talk about our outfits and makeup. Most times, we see some beautiful makeup techniques and wonder how they were arrived. Not to worry because we have listed some amazing makeup tricks you may want to learn today.


Spoon to Apply Your Mascara

Have you been in a situation where you finished your eye makeup and realized mascara was on your lids? If you are in a hurry, this situation can be depressing. This pesky issue can be banished with your spoon. Yeah! You hear us right. Use the end of your spoon just underneath the eye lashes and apply the mascara the way you do. The spoon will act as a defense against getting your face ruined.

Don’t Apply Concealer on the Eyelids

Many of us make this mistake.  Never apply foundation or concealer to the eyelids as your base.  Under the eyes, the concealer can do a great job in masking your under eye bags and dark circles. However, applying it to the eyelids can end up running your eye makeup.

.Use Spoon or Tape for Your Cat Eye Appearance

It can be tricky to create a perfect cat eye appearance with your eyeliner.  Getting the ideal shape and flick can be hard and requires each side to synch or match.  With a tape or spoon, you can create the ideal feline flick.

Shape the Eyebrows

You can testify that shaping the eyebrows is either simple or difficult. If you are standing with the latter, we have made it easier for you. Brush the eyebrows with the support of a spoolie. It makes the hair relax naturally. The next step is to make use of a waxy and soft brow pencil while shaping the outside of the brow. This is done with the thinner part of the tip. Make use of the flatter angle of a pencil and fill the brows when  using a hair like stroke that is short. Then blend your highlighter below the brow bone to get a lift.


Heating Up Your Eyelash Curler

To handle the curled lashes that last for a short time, heat up the eyelash curler and make use of it. The heat on your curl will make it last longer. Make use of a blow dryer to heat the eyelash curler with hot air. When it is heated, it should get cool before you use it on the lids. .

Luminous Skin with Foundation

Who doesn’t want to appear radiant and youthful? Even if your skin is not radiant you can fke it with this tip.  Get a small amount of pearly white or golden eye shadow and mix it with your foundation. After mixing, apply and notice the awesomeness of this trick.

What do you think of these simple tricks? Do you have more tricks you want us to know? Comment on the box and we will see it.

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Natural Ways to Handle Stubborn Acne

Princess Chidinma Popularly Known As Princess Salt Leaks Out Her Dancing Update On Media. (SEE) – Lifestyle Nigeria

Princess Chidimma Agunobi, popularly referred to as Princess Salt, is a Nigerian actress, model, brand ambassador and enterprenuer.

The stunning woman shared stunning pictures of herself and followed it with dancing Update to her fans in order to display her magnificence.

She likes to flaunt her glitz on social media, and this time she was successful by posing in a chic outfit. The excitement of her followers when they saw her post knew no bounds, and they immediately made comments.

This time, she was dressed in a sleeveless top, trouser that emphasized her features, tastefully done makeup, a pair of sneakers and scarf that enhanced her facial beauty, she is the epitome of beauty due to her curvaceous figure.

Immediately she posted the images to her Instagram page for fans And leak out the Update still, admirers, and other internet users to see they quickly reacted in the comment section.

Update Below..

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News Update?Osun Governorship Election Petition Tribunal Sitting Begins October 26

Latest Politics updatein nigeria

Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal will on October 26 begin a full hearing of the petition filed by Governor Adegboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) against the declaration of Senator Ademola Adeleke as governor-elect.

Lifestyle Nigeria reports that the tribunal made this pronouncement after concluding the pre-hearing session on Thursday.

The tribunal was asked to dismiss the applications of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), seeking the discontinuation of the petition brought to it by Governor Oyetola.

Counsel for Oyetola and the APC, Lasun Sanusi, SAN, at the sitting of the tribunal argued that Adeleke’s, PDP’s and INEC’s reliance on a Federal Court High judgment was nothing but an abuse of court process.

Sanusi argued this while replying to separate applications of the trio, seeking the dismissal of the petition based on the already appealed Federal High Court judgment disqualifying Oyetola from contesting the election.

Citing Supreme Court decisions in the case of Jegede Vs INEC, 2021, 14NWLR, Pt 1797, page 409, the counsel said the court had ruled that the signatories to the letter conveying the nomination of a candidate were not the nominators; rather, the nomination was done by party members at the congress, hence, the judgment could not stand.

Meanwhile, the counsel for INEC, Prof. Paul Ananaba, SAN; counsel for Adeleke, Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN and counsel for the PDP, Dr. Alex Izinyon, SAN, agreed that any decision the tribunal would take on the matter would have to wait until the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court decided on it.

They noted that they just decided to argue the applications to have it on record, a position which the tribunal agreed with and put on record.

Also, in other applications totalling nine by the three respondents, they asked the tribunal to strike out some paragraphs of the petition on the grounds that they were either lumped together or not related to the 2022 election.

In response to each of the applications, Sanusi said all the cases cited by the respondents were misconceived, adding that they were not applicable in the instance case.

He cited the case of INEC Vs Otti, 2016, 8NWLR, where the Supreme Court hinted that INEC was supposed to be neutral, arguing that all the processes filed before the panel have not portrayed the commission’s neutrality.

Sanusi further argued that the applications filed by the respondents were only meant to prevent the tribunal from focusing on hearing the petition on merit, asking the panel to dismiss the applications.

Subsequently, counsel for all parties in the matter agreed to begin the full hearing starting with the calling of witnesses on October 26.

In his ruling, the tribunal declared the pre-hearing session concluded and announced that the pre-hearing conference report would be presented on October 17.

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NEWS UPDATE?Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)

%title% Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos) Lifestyle Nigeria

Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)

The remains of Flight Lieutenant Chapele Ebiakpo, one of the pilots of the NAF Alpha-Jet aircraft that crashed in Maiduguri, Borno state on March 31, 2021, have been laid to rest.


It will be recalled that the Nigerian Air Force fighter jet was declared missing on 31 March 2021 after losing radar contact. The crash site was later discovered and the bodies of the two pilots onboard the ill-fated jet were recovered. The pilots were on the battlefield fight Boko Haram members when the jet crashed.


On Thursday, October 13, friends and family members of the Late Ebiakpo gathered together at the National Military cemetery to bid him farewell. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.


See more photos from the funeral below…


Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos)




<p>The post Nigeria Air Force who died in the crashed NAF Alpha-jet that crashed in Borno state laid to rest (photos) first appeared on Lifestyle Nigeria.</p>

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